The Brangus breed has spent the past 25 years becoming the combination breed of choice for the commercial cattleman.

Brangus is an American Original and among the first composite breeds ever developed. Brangus cattle are perfectly adapted to the heat, parasites and environment of the southern tier of the United States. Whether in the arid west or the high humidity regions of the east, their Bos Indicus influence allows them to thrive. They are also more fescue tolerant than any of their English or Continental counterparts. Their Angus influence contributes carcass quality, added fertility and moderation in end point maturity and cow size, as well as uniform black color.

It has been said the only thing free in the cattle industry is hybrid vigor.

Brangus bring a tremendous hybrid punch to the table. They retain over 46% of the hybrid vigor of the true F1, resulting in increased reproductive efficiency, longevity and more total lbs of calf weaned over their lifetime. What’s more, when mated to unrelated breeds, their offspring are able to maximize the hybrid vigor available in crossbreeding situations.

There are lines of Brangus cattle available in the sires represented in this herd backed by 35 years of intense selection pressure for highly antagonistic traits.

For 35 years, lines of Brangus cattle have been selected for power while moderating birth weight and mature size, more muscle while adding IMF and maintaining maternal goodness and the ability to gain in the feedlot while remaining efficient in the pasture.

Quite simply, Brangus females are Maternal Queens.

They raise heavy calves, breed back and thrive with minimum inputs. The resulting daughters are in demand throughout the country as replacement females and the steer counterparts excel in the feedlots and on the rail.

The above combinations of traits, and the discipline necessary to stay the course, are what truly distinguish the Brangus breed from many of their competitors.

While the single trait selection practiced in some breeds is tempting, and a quicker fix for any one trait, it always comes at a price in others. Because of the records behind the breed, and the discipline used in selection, today Brangus cattle are capable of gain approaching the Continental breeds with quality grades approaching the English cattle, and with bred in reproductive efficiency, heat and fescue tolerance and the ability to turn your next calf crop black.

Shouldn’t your next sire selection be Brangus, the combination breed?

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